Is it just me or are makeup brushes ridiculously expensive? I should really consider them an investment seeing as I use them almost every day, but there’s always something else I’d rather spend my hard-earned money on come pay day. I’m pretty loyal to my current collection of Real Techniques brushes, but I’ve been on the hunt for some that are a bit cheaper for a while now, and I think I’ve finally found a set that won’t break the bank but also don’t skimp on quality!

Beau Belle brushes are all over my Instagram at the moment – and with good reason it seems. The rose gold collection, in particular, caught my eye because they are so beautiful and luxe looking, yet they’re a fraction of the price of most high-end brands. I bought the Rose Gold Complete Set of five brushes for £34.95, which works out roughly £7 per brush – amazing value considering the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection retails at well over £10 per brush! Not only are these just as visually striking as some of my Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they’re just as soft too.


I’ve actually only had the brushes for a few days so far, but I am so incredibly surprised by the quality of them that I couldn’t wait to share my initial thoughts with you all! The stippling brush is by far my favourite in the set. I’ve never really got on with stippling brushes in the past, and so I was a bit apprehensive about getting any use out of this compared to some of the other brushes. However, it applies foundation so beautifully that it gives my beauty blender sponge a run for its money! The bristles aren’t too dense, which I love in a foundation brush, so it gently buffs product onto the skin giving a full-coverage and airbrushed finish.


The grooved handles are probably the thing I love most about the collection. They are designed to give maximum precision and control, and I find that this makes them really comfortable to hold. The placement of the grooves also stops me holding the brushes too far down and being really heavy-handed when I apply my makeup, which is partly why I’m seeing such great results from using them.

I definitely think Beau Belle is a brand worth trying if you’re in the market for some great value and incredibly instagram-able makeup brushes, I can’t wait to try their Oval Mastery collection!
Which brush brands do you love and recommend I try next?

Aimee xoxo


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